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The Utilmate add-on's ecosystem includes powerful integrations with Xero, Ezidebit, Stripe, and many more.

Whether you want to expand your services, acquire or improve customer retention, Utilmate has partnerships and integrations to ensure that you grow with your customers.   We know growth isn’t just about your business, it's about your customers and their experience too.


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A popular payment gateway provider that makes it easy and fast to accept payments online with less red-tape and at a lower cost.

Connect Utilmate to Stripe to offer online payments using credit or debit cards and setting up direct debits for recurring charges. With 135+ currencies, it’s easy to launch new markets and add your customers’ preferred way of paying.

Online payments
Let your customers make payments directly from their invoice or through the MyAccount portal.

Secure and immediate
Reduce collection times with convenient online payments that are fully validated, automatically.

Real-time and synchronised
All your credit card transactions are validated and authorised in real-time with payments on invoices updated, automatically. 

Automatic payment processing
All payments are verified and approved in real-time with approved funds automatically deposited in your account. 


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