Utilmate has over 20 years of utility industry experience and is committed to client services.

We're dedicated to providing an innoviatve solution to utility companies.


At Utilmate, our only business is to develop, maintain and support solutions for the utility industry.  This includes all utilities providing services in electricity, gas, hot water, cold water and internet. 

Our aim is provide a robust service with a seamless interface, and a quick response to your billing needs.  We strive in providing a quality service to the utility industry.


We're always looking ahead because work and business never standstill.

It's easy to discover and connect with the tools, you need to grow.

Add new revenue streams, gain more business, and delight your customers when you connect with our third-party integrations.

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We've teamed up with specialists to give you the highest quality solution and enable us to deliver best-of-breed requirements, which complement our core strengths.

When it comes to enhancing and extending our billing solution, we've partnered with the best to ensure you get the most from your technology solution. Our partnerships are critical to the way we do business and complement the breadth and depth of what we do best and provide you with the strongest solution.

Utilmate is a technology company focused on simplifying the utility industry. In 2017 the founders of Utilmate, with over 30 years’ experience in the energy markets, identified the game was changing. Utilities, large and small were no longer prepared to pay a lot of money for average on-premise software and were looking for modern, cloud-based solutions. 

Also, technology was exponentially changing and resulting in traditional utilities being disrupted by solar, sub-metering and the internet of things. 

Regulators were constantly updating the rules to keep up with the changing landscape. As a result, Utilmate was born to provide a compliant, best of breed, utility customer management service and has since grown rapidly.

At Utilmate, we’re dedicated to developing and supporting brilliant solutions for companies providing utility services to their customers. This means all utility services including electricity, gas, hot water, cold water and internet and for a range of companies including utilities, sub-metering companies, billing agents, communities and body corporates.

Technology never sits still. We like this and are constantly enhancing our solution to remain current. 

Utility regulation also never seem to sit still. Although we don’t like this quite so much, we ensure we are always across these changes and ensuring our solution remains compliant. 

Customer behaviours and demands are constantly evolving. Not providing a powerful online, self-service offering for your customers is no longer an option.

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In the cloud

Utilmate harnesses the power of the cloud to offer market-leading subscription billing services, normally reserved for the big guys, to utility companies globally.

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With our in-depth knowledge of your market, we can leverage our technical superiority along with strong relationships with our users, listening to feedback to understand business drivers, and actively contribute to your success.

Our customers constantly look for ways to keep their operational activities at a high level. We help our customers improve and are proud of our track record. We're continually looking toward the future and exploring ways to innovate.

Today many residential and commercial customers are managed by Utilmate comprehensive customer management and utility billing solution, and this number continues to grow.

Utilmate leverages the power of the cloud to deliver technical excellence and open user communications to create an amazing user experience.